Media Coverage

After launching in April, NoTrump16 began getting more attention in July, as the country prepared for the two major-party political conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Among the outlets that have covered NoTrump16 thus far are NPR, CNN, Reuters, The Blaze, Daily Dot, New York Times, TheStreet, Saturday Night Live/MSNBC, BILLYPENN, and WJLP. Here are some highlights of our media appearances in text, photo, radio, and video:

New York Post Facebook live video with naked Hillary statue: 15 days from the election in Union Square (10/25)

CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon video by Jeanne Moos: Anti-Trump Sign Has Teen Seeing Dollar Signs (8/3)

MeTV3 WJLP video with Ellen Kolodziej: Jersey Matters Democratic Convention in Philadelphia (7/28, starting at 1:59)

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on MSNBC with Michael Che and Colin Jost: Will DNC Protesters Drink Free Trump Water? (7/28, appearance in background)

BILLYPENN article by Max Marin: The merch Philly street vendors are selling most during the DNC (7/28, paragraphs 6-7)

"It’s also been a good few days for the grassroots Brooklyn-based T-shirt business called NoTrump16, which, as you can imagine, is not a fan of the business magnate-turned-reality TV star-turned-Republican presidential nominee. All of their shirts feature a stenciled Trump crossed out with a prohibition sign."

Advertising Specialty Institute video interview by Theresa Hegel: Anti-Trump Shirts at the DNC (7/26, Facebook Live clip)

Philadelphia Inquirer article by Samantha Melamed: For DNC swag sellers, it's both a quick buck and a calling (7/25, paragraphs 10-11)

"'We view him as xenophobic, a bigot and a racist,' said Ben, who'd brought 2,500 shirts and high hopes to Philadelphia. For him, this is equally a political statement and a business proposition, he said."

TheStreet article by Emily Stewart: Hillary Clinton Gear Is on Sale Outside the Republican National Convention, Too (7/23, paragraphs 9-11)

"Among the boldest vendors were the two men selling 'NoTrump16' shirts and bumper stickers along Euclid Avenue. The pair of New Yorkers generally sell out of Union Square in Manhattan but came out to Cleveland for the RNC."

New York Times photo compilation by Alicia Parlapiano and Tim Wallace: 100 T-Shirts From the Republican National Convention (7/20, image #24)

NPR piece by Nathan Rott: Selling Merchandise Outside Of RNC, Politics Come Second (7/20, third section on "The Anti-Trumpers")

"[The] 'NoTrump16' group traveled from New York to sell merchandise emblazoned with a pursed-lip Trump face in a red circle, with a line through it — the universal symbol for 'no.'"

Reuters video: Anti-Trump protesters with guns outside RNC (7/19, second section)

"Our goal here is to make sure this guy doesn't get elected, above all else."

Daily Dot article by Aaron Sankin: For the RNC's swag merchants, politics is second to profit (7/19, paragraphs 19-23)

"Traveling to the RNC is the first time they’ve taken their crusade on the road. In New York, they’ve sold to a mixture of tourists from Europe and Latin America and to native New Yorkers. 'They’re African Americans, they’re Hispanics, they’re women,' one of them said. 'They’re typical, educated blue state young people.'"

The Blaze video on Facebook Live: New York City's Union Square Park (7/8, from 0:30 to 3:30)

The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon on WFMU radio: Anti-Trump T-Shirt Salesman (7/7, in the middle of the show)