About us

What is the NoTrump16 movement?

NoTrump16 is a grassroots campaign to reject the idea that Donald Trump should be President of the United States of America. Our goal is to unite all of the individuals, groups, and parties in opposition to Trump behind one single visualization of that collective purpose.

How does NoTrump16 work?
Our iconography is the universal "no" sign with the red circle and a line through it, then Trump's beautiful face and characteristic hair in the middle. Of course there are already some decent designs out there, but this logo will become the most recognizable of all.
Where is NoTrump16 emerging?
Born in New York City (like the candidate himself), the project aims to captivate big cities and small towns, suburbs and exurbs, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters. We are also building international support for an idea that has become a global cause.
Who does NoTrump16 represent?
NoTrump16 brings together Democrats and Republicans, progressives and conservatives, liberals and libertarians, behind the powerful symbol of their common vision. We don’t advocate any alternative but simply believe that one man in particular should not occupy the White House.
Why is there a need for NoTrump16?
Americans love to hate Trump, and he is one of the most unpopular presidential contenders in history. Whether black, white, male, female, Mexican or Muslim, millions of activists, organizers, celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens face a foe whose rise they all fear.
When is NoTrump16 launching?
On T-shirts, hats, socks, pendants, signs, billboards, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine NoTrump16’s presence -- we will soon be everywhere. Through the primaries, conventions, debate, and general election, NoTrump16 is the definitive repudiation of Trump.